All of our cabinetry is custom.   If you want your cabinets tall, short, deep, wide, decorated with twig work, unusual wood, artwork etc.  , this is what we do. There is no “norm” for us. Every project is unique and that’s what we are about.

We price our cabinetry based on a simple principle of time and materials.   The amount of time it takes to build a particular cabinet is based upon the number of pieces it contains and the effort to obtain them.   Our decorative details cannot be found in a lumber yard.

Custom from our gallery

Draw inspiration from designs in our gallery.   We will come as close as possible to the original--keeping in mind that the characteristics of the materials we use will be similar but not the same.   We will build to your dimensions and functionality.

Designed and built by us

We will provide a design plan based on your input or your rough sketch.   We typically travel to the job site to take measurements for built-ins when needed.   Once the design is approved and price quoted, the final cost of production is set.

Custom kitchen with cedar herringbone design

Custom kitchen with cedar herringbone design.
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