Our customers choose us because they enjoy our style and design.   We believe that your furniture should also reflect some of your personality.   When possible, we visit your home to get a sense of your design taste--other furniture, architecture, colors and textures as well as your interests and look at the space where the furniture will live.   If this is not practical, we ask that you e-mail photos of the space as well as your most enjoyed rooms.

Time Frame

We design, build and detail our furniture using time-tested joinery, finishing techniques and artwork when desired.   Depending on the intricacy of your requested piece, it generally takes 4 to 6 months from design to delivery.

Materials from nature

We often are able to choose from our large supply of harvested natural materials such as root bases, saplings, burls, twigs and branches.   These supplies cannot be purchased at a lumber yard, so a particular item(s) may need to be specifically cut for a furniture need.   Some must be winter cut to insure that bark does not separate.   All must be kiln dried.   It can take weeks or months to find and prepare just the right element for your commissioned furniture.


We will not rush a project.   Each painting or carving is given the time and attention we require to achieve the highest quality result.   Our artwork is hand created by us and original--no computerized carving and no prints.   Cure time for oil paintings is 4 months from completion.

Custom from our gallery

Draw inspiration from designs in our gallery.   We will come as close as possible to the original-- keeping in mind that the characteristics of the materials we use will be similar but not the same.   We will build to your dimensions and functionality.

Designed and built by us

We will provide a design plan based on your input or your rough sketch.   We typically travel to the job site to take measurements for built-ins when needed.   Once the design is approved and price quoted, the final cost of production is set.

Double armoire with owl carvings designed for lodge entryway

Double armoire with owl carvings designed for lodge entryway.

Equine hall tree currently for sale at the Lake Placid Lodge

Equine hall tree currently for sale at the Lake Placid Lodge.
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