What We Do


Our specialty is rustic art furniture and cabinetry.   We strive to create a time-worn look to our furniture and incorporate reclaimed antique wood and glass to further accomplish an aged feeling.  Hand mixed dyes, stains and waxes are used to tone the finishes to produce warm patinas.   Our inspiration comes from nature, art, and antiques.  We also have a keen interest in Black Forest and Bavarian designs which we often transition into our furniture.   Oil paintings and wood carvings created only by our family lends further expression and detail to our art furniture.  Every piece is designed entirely by us and each is one-of-a- kind both in form and design.

The Process


Each unique project is created in our shop to order.  We design the piece with the customer--integrating materials gathered and purchased through local and regional suppliers.  The raw materials that we use are never repeated in nature, so if the customer sees a completed project and would like to replicate it, it will be similar but not a reproduction.   Our customers receive a drawing of the proposed project, approve the design, and have the opportunity to visit our shop and/or obtain wood samples.

Tall alder armoire with bark and twig design.  Hand carved elements by Jillian.

Tall alder armoire with bark and twig design.  Hand carved elements by Jillian.
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